At Big River Tree Service, we provide high quality tree surgery, tree removal, tree felling, tree lopping, tree trimming, palm removal, stump removal and stump grinding to private, commercial and government clients in the North Coast Region to the Northern Rivers Region. Our work meets the highest industry standards in
workmanship, safety, and professionalism, so call us today to find out more.


What Services can our certified tree surgeon provide?

As a AQF Level 5 qualified Arborist we provide a variety of services including:

Consultation: Our experience arborists are happy to provide advice and information. We will identify sick, damaged and hazardous trees. When you have questions, bring them to the experts.


Report Writing: We will provide reports that you may need to submit to any local authority in case you are developing a property or adding new structures to an existing one.

These reports will include impact assessments and tree safety as well as detailed pest and disease management reports.

Management Plans: Short or Long term plans for older plants or trimming, pruning & customised management programs for residential, commercial, Local & State Government Authorities.


Tree Removal


If a tree is causing problems near your home and is threatening to cause structural damage, we offer a professional removal service that takes care of everything, quickly and efficiently. Peace of mind with the knowledge that you have the experience of a Level 5 arborist with over 34 years of experience. Don't hesitate to call us today and we will offer a free quote.

Tree Pruning


If a tree in your garden requires treatment for disease or ill health, or needs trimming to promote healthy growth, our highly qualified tree surgeons offer a comprehensive service to maintain the health of your trees.

Stump grinding


Our team are highly experienced in the removal of tree stumps after trees have been felled. We will completely remove the entire stump to increase the space in your garden and prevent any further problems arising from pests & disease.

Tree Removal Servies




Unkempt or damaged trees are serious safety hazards. We offer prompt, after-hours service to clean up or prevent problems

Tree Removal


We offer land-clearing services for commercial, private landholders, property developers and builders.

With state of the art equipment and experience necessary to undertake small or large scale land clearing and property maintenance projects.

We will ensure all land clearing projects are fully assessed by our management, including all necessary permits.


Your trees aren’t worthless once they are removed. We will provide your mulch that will protects soil and prevents moisture and weeds.

Site Clearing



Our experience arborists are happy to provide advice and information. We will identify sick, damaged and hazardous trees. When you have questions, bring them to the experts.