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Big River Tree Services Team In Action

When Do Trees Need Trimming & Pruning?

We understand the importance of proper tree maintenance to ensure the health, safety & aesthetic appeal of a tree. It’s best to limit tree trimming & pruning to situations where it’s necessary, such as when a tree poses a safety hazard or when maintaining the tree’s overall health is essential. 

When & Why Should A Tree Be Removed?

Trees are removed for various reasons, including safety concerns due to damage, disease, or overgrown roots that can cause structural damage. Removal of the tree stump is also recommended to prevent reshooting and pest infestation.

How Do I Know If I Need Emergency Tree Removal Service?

If a tree is leaning, cracked, or damaged, emergency removal services should be sought. A fallen tree or obstructed pathway should be handled by a professional tree service to ensure complete removal, including the root system. This is important for both residential  and business properties.

Do I Need A Permit To Remove A Tree?

With every project we take on, we work closely with local councils in NSW to ensure compliance with their regulations. Alternatively you can contact your Local Council regarding regulations concerning protected species and permits that maybe required.

Which Is Better, Stump Grinding Or Stump Removal?

Stump grinding is generally faster and less expensive, but may leave the roots behind. Stump removal is more thorough but can be more invasive and expensive. Our certified arborist can help determine the best option for your needs.

Why Should I Have A Stump Removed?

Stumps can be unsightly and take up valuable space in your yard. They can also be a hazard to people and pets, they may even attract pests like termites, not to mention reshoot and form a new tree.

Will Stump Grinding Damage My Lawn Or Other Landscaping?

Our team takes great care to minimize any damage to your lawn or landscaping during the grinding process. We’ll also clean up any debris once the job is done.

Up To What Size Stump Can You Grind?

There is no restriction on size of the stump we are able to remove. Our machine is able to grind any size stump with ease.

How Much Access Do You Need?

Our machines fit through a standard width gate and we require a driveway or large street space out front of your property to park our Trucks and Chipper.

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